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About Us

Sigma Iota Rho, (ΣΙΡ) was founded in 1984 at American University. Since then, the society has grown to over 90 chapters nationally. The national office for SIR is located at The University of Pennsylvania. Its members are students with outstanding academic performance in the field, as well as with extracurricular involvement. The Sigma Iota Rho Chapter at GWU is the official honors society of the Elliott School of International Affairs, as well as an active and engaged co-educational academic fraternity. SIR hosts multiple forums and panels every year. These include events with distinguished members of the International Affairs community, including professors, researchers, and industry professionals. We instill in our members a sense of philanthropy and professionalism that is carried from the classroom to the workplace and into life.

Membership Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.4
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student with a major or minor in the Elliott School of International Afairs at the George Washington University
  • Adhere to the values of SIR and the George Washington University

Sigma Iota Rho Tradition

Σ – Sigma – stands for “synesis” – meaning prudence
Ι – Iota – stands for “ideodoi” – meaning ideals
Ρ – Rho – stands for “rhomi” – meaning power


  • Black – knowledge and discretion necessary in the study of international affairs
  • Blue – loyalty and sincerity that the scholars have towards the respective theoretical paradigms
  • Red – magnanimity and ferocity, attributes of many international actors


  • Laurel (left branch) – honor and distinction – the society aims at recognizing outstanding achievement in the field of international affairs
  • Oak (right branch) – lasting friendship SIR hopes to create among its members


  • Shield – preservation of academic freedom
  • world map – focus in international affairs
  • Spider, falcon, and lightning – correspond to the qualities of prudence, ideals, and power